If you are seeing this page, then you have probably either been directed here by me or have spectacularly misspelled the URL you were trying to reach. Apologies either way.

A lot has changed since I last updated the site.  I have gotten a little older and wiser, and much more organized. I have accrued a lot more tools and am one of the three people worldwide who currently enjoys a legal suite of Adobe software! I have started some promising new collaborations. My box turtle count has fluctuated both up AND down (exciting box-turtle facetry to be added to the site soon). The world has warmed by approximately 28 degress. Pretty sure most maps are outdated. But I have gotten a lot of stuff done, and am eager to continue to update the site in the coming weeks. Honest. No really. REALLY!

(oh be quiet... I owe you people nothing)

In the meantime, feel free to send any and all notes, gigs, commissions, fan photos (please let's keep it PG-13 rated...), marriage proposals*, foreboding messages from a future versions of myself (not gonna mention any names here, Jason, you know who you are....), and questions to me here. 


*all marriage proposals to be denied until further notice