Looking at my watch, I can see that it has been... um... 15 months since I updated my website.

Look, I'm a busy and/or distracted man. And a lot of that time has been spent drawing and writing.


(a lot of it has also been spent watching Game of Thrones, Sherlock or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and skateboarding, mowing my lawn and attempting to overthrow the government unless you are the FBI in which case I meant to say not overthrowing the government.)

I return now in order to refresh, update, mention some new projects that I am excited about, shout out to some talented collaborators, and excise some things that got botched along the line.

Please feel free to send me an email with any jobs, questions, comments, or marriage proposals*

Enjoy your stay. If the formatting looks completely jacked up, please remove the cartridge, blow on the circuitry, re-insert and press RESET.


*ladies only, please**

**ladies under 5'6", please***

***just kidding, any height is fine; I am in no position to be picky****

****except about the ladies part; I'm picky about that part for sure